Thursday, May 9, 2013

What I Want For Mother's Day

Dear Children,

The moment the first one of you was born my entire DNA scrambled and who I thought I was was replaced by a fiercely protective, keenly aware, insanely organized woman who would tear a saber tooth tiger limb from limb if it dared breathed in the direction of your perfectly head covered in the most hair any baby before or since had every been born with.  

Prior to the moment you were born I was carefree, calm and dare I say whimsical. I went with the flow.  I was so going with the flow I didn't even know there was a flow to go against. I didn't care when the dishes got done. I didn't make a food shopping list. I didn't have a special basket for the remote controls. C'mon. 

And then you came. And oh my gosh...oh my gosh...oh my awoke in me a warrior who was created to be your Mommy. I was overwhelmed by the responsibility and by how heavenly you smelled. You changed my ability to be chill. And I'm okay with that. You made me more structured so all your needs would be met. You made me more organized so I could get all the things done that came along with caring for you. You made me more spiritual because doing this Mom thing without The Lord close at my side would be a suicide mission.  You made me more dependent on caffeine.  Less dependent on sleep. And more and less selfish at the same time.  And I thank you for all these things.

As I celebrate my 12th Mother's Day my wish list has changed from things like 8 hours of sleep, breakfast in bed and diamond earrings to wanting you to be people of substance.  I see how you all are growing into your personalities. How you love fashion. You color inside the lines. You rearrange your bedroom furniture weekly. You have a compassionate heart. You can read like a person 3x your age. You're sensitive. You're as stubborn as me. You're gentle as Daddy. You still let me snuggle and hold your hand. And I'm proud. I'm proud of who you are and I'm hopeful for who you will become. You give me hope that Daddy and I are doing the right thing. You give me hope that God speaks to you through His word and in the quiet of your heart.  You are more than I could ever hoped you'd be. 

So for Mother's Day my simple wish is this: Keep being my baby. Don't get sucked into the crowd. Don't be what other people want and pressure you to be.  Be you. Be what God created you to be. Listen to His calling. Be mindful of other people's feelings. Open doors for strangers. Invite your sister into your room for a sleepover. Share sweaters and secrets. Guard your heart but leave it open enough for love to come in.  The right love. The kind that is there to build you up.  Build other people up.  

Eat ice cream cones on hot summer days. Get sand between your toes. Ride the roller coaster with your hands up.  Color, at any age. Play hide and seek and kick ball with your friends.  Keep the smell of playdough in the back of your mind for as long as you shall live. Swing. Seesaw. Cartwheel. Read books. Make new friends every day. Eat weird foods. Find your passion in life and don't be afraid if it changes. Be kind. Did I mention be kind? That's a big one for me. BE KIND!

And above all be thankful that God placed you in our crazy, loud, busy, sometimes hectic family because it was His gift to me on my very first Mother's Day and it will continue to be until the day I breathe my last breath.  You are wonderfully and fearfully made and I am honored to call you my child.  



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